The Shanghai men's basketball team officially nike lunar eclipse dame announced, the Aoshen basketball players inside the Wu Guanxi new season will join, the join as temporary transfer. As a more than 2 meters 10 centers, Wu Guanxi this summer with the national youth men's basketball team in the U19 U19 championship, averaging 5 nike lunar eclipse tilbud points and 5 rebounds. The Shanghai men's basketball team, he joined obviously is a supplement to the inside of great.

Wu Guanxi came to the Shanghai men's basketball team tryouts, actually just a few days time. However, he has fully demonstrated his ability. Open training class on Tuesday afternoon, although not nike lunar eclipse 4 a very outstanding performance in the offensive end, but a strong body and good bounce, he was on the defensive end is to let a person shine at the moment. Especially in the protection rebounds, Wu Guanxi can always use screens, firmly behind it rebounds opponent.

Because at that time not yet officially confirmed the positive evaluation to join, coach Wang Qun has not too much, but also give praise. "He just arrived today, nike lunar eclipse dame also do not have time to comment, because he nike lunar eclipse 3 was training today." Wang Qun said, "but the child in good condition, standing on the inside is also very stable, but also has the potential to be excavated."

In addition, sure about another inside a foreign aid, the Shanghai men's basketball team is given the answer. "The selection range has been reduced to a relatively small, about 5 individuals." Deputy general manager nike lunar eclipse 2 of the club relaxation [micro-blog] said, "but, nike lunar eclipse tilbud as they are now in the NBA camp, be there before we can determine the. We are hoping to go down, but now can only wait." However, it has no doubt, another foreign aid Shanghai men's basketball team as well as NBA level.