To allow Rivers to join the Clippers became the new Nike Air Presto championship season contender, the meritorious coach will be how to tap the potential of the Clippers? The answer is: let the deandre Jordan play a more important role in the attack end.

Today in an interview, Rivers told reporters, he will be small Nike Air Presto Jordan design tactics. Obviously, much to the journalists by surprise. In the outside world, small Jordan belongs to the typical blue collar workers, the task he can take offense?

"The preseason last three games (small, Jordan) score to two digits, we will focus on him to do some tactical design. Prior to this, the Clippers did not try, this let he troubled, affect the enthusiasm of the play, Nike Air Presto but for now, he had to walk out of the shadow." Rivers said.

Five years in the NBA season, scoring from did not reach two digit field of jordan. The season for example, his regular season only 33 times scoring double. The good news is, his scoring average is increasing year by year, season to 8.8 points, shooting up to 64.3%.


"If he refuses to increase the offensive end part, then go to the defense. But Nike Air Presto I think, increasing his attack scenes will be a fun filled, and the result would be a good thing, I also know the importance of his offensive for the team." Rivers said.

Can imagine, if the Clippers make small Jordan more attacking, the Griffin and Paul the two shots will be reduced. Considering from the team, they sacrifice is worth it. Moreover, if the small Jordan can hit Nike Air Presto high efficiency, it can also relieve Griffin and Paul offensive pressure.

In Rivers's view, small Jordan even with the all star level. It is of particular importance in the defensive end, small Jordan and Dean Saunders put on a par with the famous soccer star.

"He is an all star. Regardless of whether he was chosen, but I insisted, he reached the all star level. Whether it is offensive or defensive, he has affected the competition ability. So, Dean - Saunders the great, Leonard Andrew the great. This is what I think of him." Rivers said.

In the past two seasons, aspiring clippers continuous tournament playoff, always can not close the championship dreams. Today, small Jordan is expected to bring more hope for them.

"He is a player coach trust, he likes to encourage the players, let everyone confidence, not just for me. He is a hall of Famer coach. He trusted me, it makes me more superstratum building." Small Jordan said.