ESPN reports, Kobe has too many times been billige nike free compared to NBA (micro-blog) of the great players to compare. But in the hearts of Kobe, his example is Mayweather, wanted to be like the champion, occupation career can have a happy ending.

Kobe is 35 years old, he is still struggling with the Achilles tendon injury. Even if again how aggressive, Kobe also admitted that he is really into the occupation career last chapter. If say at this moment, what hope Kobe, nike free tilbud that he wanted to be like the United States Champion Mayweather, occupation career ended in a successful way. Interestingly, shortly before the casino the preseason, Mayweather also went to the site, as the Lakers cheer.

The 36 year old Mayweather, occupation career 45 games unbeaten, last month, he defeated the also undefeated boxer Alvarez young. In this scene, let Kobe deep feelings. "All these years, Mayweather nike free dame has been one of the most top boxer, this is a reason." Kobe said, "he can cope with every kind of boxing style, can fast punches, also able to various unbelievable angle against an opponent."

And speaking of himself, Kobe also hopes to use more weapons to defeat the opponent. "At my age, maybe I explosive force, speed and agility than before." Kobe said, "but I can have another billige nike free choice, use other ways to win the game." Last season, Kobe field at the age of 34, were still able to score 27.3, it seems that the age does not affect his ability to score.

But with age, Kobe also suffered a rupture of the Achilles tendon injury, this is the most serious injury to his occupation career so far encountered. It is this injury, nike free sko but also caused Kobe to doubt yourself. "All of us will self doubt, I will." Kobe said, "I will have no sense of security, will lead to fear of failure. Some nights, when I go on the pitch, I would like to 'my foot, my back and my knees to hurt.'. But the result is, I do nothing. Therefore, I only need to stay just relax."

When it comes to my remaining occupation career, Kobe said don't know if I can play a few years. "My career has come to the last chapter, this book is about to close." Kobe said, "I don't know how much is nike free tilbud left in my career." According to the previous interview, Kobe said his greatest nike free sko goal is to win the championship, if there is a chance, hope to be able to match or exceed the number of Jordan is the total champion.