A number, a story, a legend. When ordinary digital printed shirts, instantly endowed with extraordinary significance. For people who love football, everyone has a beloved number, it represents a memory, bearing a dream, outline and the youth of the years.

The new season, with the personnel changes, Luneng player number has changed, the period of times sports story tells you the Luneng Taishan number story.

No. 10 temporary vacancy

Luneng in the history of Taishan, christian louboutin wedges there are 6 people across 10: Su Maozhen, Nicholas, Zheng Zhi, Milian, Pisculichi, who.

I do not know whether it is decreed by fate, two players defending the number 10 Jersey king award. Su Maozhen is a Shandong flag football, he put the old Taishan team spirit to Luneng; Zheng Zhi is the core of the most prosperous period Luneng Dynasty, he left a beautiful memory. The foreign aid to wear number 10, without exception, with the tragic ending. Nicholas's performance was lower than expected; Milian is regarded as the "smuggled goods". In his National League of the ill fated summon wind and call for rain who and Pisculichi, the former The climate does not suit one., mediocre; the latter injuries, no bright spot.

The new season, Luneng 10 is likely to be vacant, Loew and Alois Theo chose not to the foreign aid to some magic number. "Love" to last season's No. 40 to No. 30, "bison" selected 31 number, do not know the upcoming fourth foreign aid will wear the number 10 shirt. In a native core before, 10 vacancies may be unreasonable but plausible.

"Little Li Jinyu" to wear number 29

"Bow shooting" Li Jinyu No. 29 is coated with a layer of legend, christian louboutin wedges after he had gone, the two foreigners have to wear the number 29 shirt, the results are not beyond the dayu.

Ricardo first took the number 29, as a defender joined at the beginning, he says, is to know the number of the meaning, and rhetoric, try not to let the opponents goal. But unfortunately, leaving a mockery, true to the court, Ricardo turned into a big "colander", after a season is out. The 2012 season, Senna Ma wearing No. 29 play, 10 goals in one season performance may encircle may select, on the season without reuse, reduced playing time, the new season the pony elder brother to music.

The 2014 season, Luneng to transcend, like a horse Senna this level of foreign aid be abandoned is not difficult to understand, Gaudi temporarily took over No. 29, "little Li Jinyu" said he would inherit glory No. 29, only to christian louboutin wedges rely on our own efforts to move to stay with the team and one of.

Sanxin Neiyuan are for No.

Wang Dalei, Dai Lin and Zhang Wenzhao three of the new aid after each team has its own unique number, came to the Luneng, because the raw numbers are occupied, they can only choose again, again.

In the Shenhua team, Wang Dalei is fully deserve the No. 1, most legendary goalkeeper wearing No. 1. Put on Luneng shirt, Wang Dalei wanted to take the number 10, then think this number is more suitable for the striker, and finally the number 25, "because 25 is my wife's birthday, I now have a family and children, is not a person in the struggle, wearing Jersey wife birthday date, she will feel all the time my side."

Shanghai fans for "Shenhua No. 5" has a deep plot, Dai Lin in Shenhua is to wear No. 5, he became the Fan Zhiyi, Dewey, Shenhua team history third "No. 5, captain". No. 5 for the Taishan team also has a special meaning, and very good interpretation of this number, after which the international joined Wang Jiang the number 5 shirt. Dai Linlai Luneng after the election is on Loew the season wore No. 40.

From 2006 to enter the Shenzhen first team to become the Team Yatai core, the number 11 Jersey Zhang Wenzhao witnessed the growth, he said once make fun of, his body like a root chopsticks, so wear No. 11 well. Due to size and his run in the same groove of Tong Wang's number 11, Zhang Wenzhao chose the number 13.

The most sad is number 11

It is understood, Yang Xu will wear Antar leaving the number 18, Zhao Mingjian wore the number 6, Li Weichuan 23, other people the same number. The Taishan team in history, the most tragic number is 11. So far, a total of 12 people through the number 11 shirt, the largest number, but in the number of players often frustrated, or not playing regularly, or often injured, for example, Xu Yang, Wang Xiaolong, Gao Kejun Cha, Deng Zhuoxiang.

Jersey number most people Taishan team history is Wang Yongpo, is through 6: No. 6, No. 8, No. 13, No. 30, No. 33 and No. 39. The lowest number is No. 0 Zhang Pengsheng, is the largest of the 50 Hao Junmin.